Questions to Fred

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Q – Fred, what kind of dog are you?
A – I am a German shepherd.

Q – When is your birthday?
A – August 8, 2011. I was born in Topeka, Kansas.

Q – What is your favorite thing to do?
A – I love playing Frisbee. I like to chase them and sometimes just to sit and chew on them.

Q – Fred, how much do you weigh?
A – It depends, in the summer I weigh about 100 pounds and in the winter I weigh about 105 to 110 pounds.

Q – What’s your favorite “people” snack?
A – Popcorn that is completely popped, no seeds, and on special occasions hotdogs.

Q – Do you have any brothers or sisters?
A – Yes, I have two dog brothers and one bunny brother.

Q – Fred, where should I go in case of a tornado?
A – You should go to the basement if you have one. If you don’t, go to an interior room on the lowest floor of the building. In my house, we have a safe room that is made of concrete – it’s also a bathroom. We all go in the safe room and get into the bathtub when we hear tornado sirens or alerts on the news or weather radio.

Q – Fred, how much water should we have in our emergency shelter?
A – You should have one gallon per person per day. If you have three days of supplies, that would be three gallons per person total. Don’t forget pets too. Smaller animals may not drink a lot but a big dog like me drinks about one gallon per day too.

Q – Is there such a thing as first aid for a dog and cat?
A – Yes there is. Just like people, we want to start giving aid to pets as soon as possible to help them in an emergency.

To send a question to Fred, e-mail him at